Rhythm Game Coder Pre-production Journal


In the coding pre-production phase of the game, the process was to submit a milestone on the bug/tash tracking software for each item that needed codeing. In production, the code itself will be written.

Explanation of the Game Vision

My vision for this game is a simple, easy to learn, game that can be ported to several different platforms easily (Windows, Mac, Linux, VR, etc.) that can be use to demonstrate differences in game input affecting players. The reason I wanted to make this game was to create a simple, good-looking game and have fun doing it.

Contributions to Game Development Plan

I wrote the sections related to the codeing and level design jobs on the Game Development Plan.

Project Management / Bug Tracking System

We use the Zoho BugTracker to track bugs and milestones.

Tasks and Milestones

Our tasks and milestones are tracked in the Zoho BugTracker.

List of Things to be Coded

The list of things to be coded are listed in the Game Development Plan.

Learning Resources

The resources I will turn to for help are listed on the Game Development Plan.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved in Pre-production

Some things that I learned in pre-production is that communicating the idea of the game effectively is important. The artist and I started of not on the same page as what the style of game this would be. Small discussion and now we are on the same page.